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Mexican Kitchen Horsebox

Ever wondered what to do with your old or unused horse box? How about transforming it into a Mexican street kitchen?

Adrian from Northampton has re-transformed a 25 year old horsebox into a Mexican kitchen, mobile for the streets and competitive food markets.

Paying around £600 online for the old horsebox itself, revamping it was the hard part. Even though the shape was retained, the 25 year old interior definitely needed a serious amount of work, the box needed fully re-gutting.

Once the interior was stripped clean, repaired and then repainted rich green in colour, the kitchen interior could then be designed. Fitting a whole kitchen with fridge, sinks, ovens etc. into a small horsebox definitely proved itself a challenge.

The quirky kitchen project took around 12 weeks to complete due to the intensive re-vamping of the horseboxes interior and, 4 months on from the transformation in June, Adrian is now travelling the whole of the UK in is mobile Mexican box!

Within four months, Adrian had managed to purchase, re-design, insure and market his horsebox come mini Mexican kitchen, starting out in Loughbrough town centre.

“I had a trial run up in Loughborough town centre selling to a lunch time crowd,” he said. “But I realised it was more fun to focus on events so now I’ve been attending local events.”

“I’m really enjoying it – it is so much fun,” he said. “It has gone really successful so far and I am already looking forward to the next event.” Adrian now attends events across the country, including the likes of weddings, food markets, festivals and birthday parties.

Adrian is a prime example of how reusing old or unwanted items, in this case the horsebox, can help to set up a successful small business and at minimal costs, Adrian’s re-designed horsebox now sells homely Mexican meals across the UK!


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