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Olympic British show jumper Nick Skelton takes order of new Equi-Trek Sonic

Nick Skelton, the British show jumping legend, recently took a delivery of a new Equi-Trek Sonic – a purpose-built Peugeot Boxer chassis converted horsebox. Equi-Trek has a gaining elite member of clients including John Whitaker, Peter Charles and eventers like Oliver Townend and Nicola Wilson.

The horsebox itself is very easy to drive and due to its weight of only 3,500kg, can potentially be driven by a driver 17 years and older who has a standard driving licence. Economically impressive as well, the vehicle has a 2.2 litre diesel engine producing 130bhp.

Added to the extra advantage of the Sonic are the more convenient servicing needs where it will only take place every 24,000 miles or every two years. Also, an MOT will not be required for the first 3 years.

Incorporating two saddle racks, two bridle racks and equipment hooks, the Sonic has the added benefit of a tack/changing room which is entirely separate from the horses. Storage over the cab brings versatility to the horsebox when training or attending competing events.

The main horse area of the van has a ramp which is lightweight and fitted with grass struts to help ease lifting while the loading doors have a GRP ramp to assist with loading. The walls of the area have been lined with impact kick boards with the partition able to be adjusted if need be.

A great aspect of the Equi-Trek is the rear facing travel for the horses, meaning that the animal is braced during braking and this will aid with keeping the horse calm and relaxed upon arrival.

Equi-Trek has maintained a family company that has grown to become the largest horsebox manufacturer in the UK and with design, quality and value for money. The well-known reputation Equi-Trek have built is that of an experience that gives an understanding of the needs of both horse and rider. Comfort for the occupant and the horse are paramount in the designing of both trailers and boxes

The price of the Equi-Trek Sonic starts at £19,494.

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