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Frequently Asked Questions

What types of horsebox insurance are available?

Similar to standard car insurance, it’s horsebox insurance offers a wide range of policy types from fully comprehensive to third party, fire and theft policies with the options of ‘Social, Domestic & Pleasure’ use as well as ‘Business’ use. Fill out our online form to receive a horsebox insurance quote.

Do I get a discount on my horsebox insurance if I do limited mileage with my horsebox?

Reducing your horsebox mileage can significantly reduce your insurance premium. Limited mileage schemes mean that as long as your mileage does not go over the agreed figure, then sizable discounts may be given.

Can I receive a discount if I am the only one driving?

Restricting the amount of drivers on the policy can mean major discounts when it comes to your horsebox insurance policy. Keeping named drivers to a minimum can mean that your insurance providers are able to reduce premiums considerably.

My horsebox is of high value, can I still be insured?

Many of our specialist horse box insurance providers can offer excellent premiums for all price ranges of horseboxes. Once contacted by the insurers there is an opportunity to discuss different aspects of your policy.

Should I get several quotes for the same policy?

Here at it’s horsebox insurance, we offer a full range of policies for both horseboxes and horse trailers. To get a quick and easy quote please head to ‘Get A Quote’ and complete our simple 1 step form.

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